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Scottsbluff style lance point made in 2005 A.D. of heat treated agate.
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"Scottsbluff" Style Lance or Spear Point -- 2005 A.D.
"Paleo-Indian" period Scottsbluff style lance point.  Fine pressure work for its final
sharpening and shaping.  Heat-treated "Agate" from Brazil.  Made in 2005 A.D.  
6-1/8" x 15/16".  
#FSC-16B  $125.00
"Dovetail" Style Lance Point or Knife Blade -- 2005 A.D.
Early "Archaic" period Dovetail style blade, here back lit to show the transparent qualities of
the "Midnight Lace" Obsidian from Glass Buttes, Oregon.  Finished with deep corner notches
and exceptional pressure retouching for its final razor sharp edges.  Made in 2005 A.D.  
4-1/4" x 1-3/4".  
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Dalton style spear and lance points may be slightly fluted, and flared at the
base. This highly successful style of lance, spear and dart points originated in
the "Paleo-Indian" period and continued to be used for 15 centuries and more,
well into the early and middle "Archaic" period in much of North America.  East
of the Rockies this bifurcated or divided base spear or dart form is often some
variety of Dalton point.  West of the Rockies, a similar form or style of lance,
spear and dart point is found, called the Humboldt.  This
Dalton style lance
point is made from a cut slab of modern made pure quartz, produced for the
telecommunications and chemical industries in massive sizes.  All of the
production work was performed with pressure flaking, using two different sizes
of “Ishi stick” with copper pressure tips.  Powerfully-applied pressure is used to
produce the final shape and sharpen the blade.  This creates a razor sharp
edge which resembles a hollow ground blade.  Made in 2008 A.D.  Shown here
at actual size, 8-5/8” x 1-1/2”.
Quartz Crystal Dalton Style Lance Point -- 2008 A.D.
code: StoneBreaker-FSC.net
"Clovis" Style Lance or Spear Point -- 2004 A.D.
"Paleo-Indian" period Clovis style lance point. Western style; base fluting is performed before the final
shaping and sharpening with pressure retouch flaking.  Front flute extends to 2" from base, back flute to 2".  
5-7/8" x 1-3/4".  Dark gray Dacite from Oregon.  Made in 2004 A.D.  
#FSC-10A  ...  SOLD
Paleo Style Clovis of Dacite -- 2004 A.D.
"Clovis" Style Lance or Spear Point -- 2004 A.D.
"Paleo-Indian" period Clovis style lance point. Eastern style; the base fluting is performed after the final
shaping and sharpening with pressure retouch flaking has been completed.  Front flute extends to 2-1/4"
from base, back flute to 1-5/8". 5" x 1-1/2".  Made of "Midnight Lace" Obsidian from Glass Buttes, Oregon.  
Made in 2004 A.D.  
#FSC-6C  ...  SOLD
Paleo-Indian Clovis Style Spear Point of Obsidian -- 2004 A.D.
Quartz Crystal Dalton Style Spear Point -- 2007 A.D.
Crystal "Dalton" Spear Point -- 2007 A.D.
Late "Paleo-Indian", early "Archaic" period Dalton style spear or lance point.  Finished with
exceptional parallel oblique pressure retouching for final shaping and sharpening.  Made
of quartz crystal, manufactured in massive sizes for the telecommunications and chemical
industries.  Made in 2007 A.D.  3-7/8" x 1-1/8".  
#FSC-57L -- SOLD
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Polka Dot Agate Scottsbluff Lance Point -- 2007 A.D.
"Scottsbluff" Style Lance Point or Knife Blade -- 2007 A.D.
Late "Paleo-Indian" or Early "Archaic" period Scottsbluff style lance point, of brilliant white,
brown spotted, heat treated Polka Dot Agate from eastern Oregon.  Finished with excellent
pressure retouching to its final razor sharp edges and classic shape.  Made in 2007 A.D.  
4-3/8" x 1-1/4".  
#FSC-57M  $249.95
Scottsbluff style lance point made from Gemfield Jasper in 2008 A.D.
Paleo Indian "Scottsbluff" Style Gemfield Jasper Lance Point -- 2008 A.D.
Classically shaped and pressure flaked Paleo Indian period Scottsbluff style lance
point.  Made of heat treated, colorful Gemfield Jasper from Nevada.  Made in 2008 A.D.  
5-1/16" x 1".  
#FSC-55B  $249.95.
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