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Solutrean Laurel Leaf Style Spear Point of Porcelain Novaculite -- 2006 A.D.
Paleo-Indian Scottsbluff Style Lance Point of Brazilian Agate -- 2005 A.D.
Black & White Novaculite
Late Paleolithic "Solutrean"
Laurel Leaf Style Spear Point
Or Knife Blade -- 2006 A.D.
Scott's Scottsbluff Lance
Paleo-Indian "Scottsbluff"
Style Lance Or Spear Point.  
Brazilian Agate.  Imagine
Hunting Buffalo On Foot --
2005 A.D.
Welcome to!
The home of my "New Stone Age"
arrowheads, spear heads, lance
points, knife blades, etc., and internet
gateway to my most recent Catalog of
the New Stone Age.
Each "flint knapping" piece is
produced with detailed attention to
Neolithic styles, methods and
craftsmanship.  Hand made from
authentic original materials, as much
as possible using the techniques and
tools of the appropriate time period.  
No aboriginal persons or wild game
animals were harmed in the making
of these tools.
I hope you enjoy your visit as much as
I enjoy making these New Stone Age
tools for your family to treasure and
display.  Thanks for your interest ...
and "Thank you!" for your purchases.
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I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to
share my craft with intelligent and
curious people around the world who
are interested in preserving one of the
important skills of the past and in
enjoying the beauty of the natural stone
materials utilized by our ancestors for
many thousands of years in all corners
of the world.

F. Scott Crawford
A Flint Knapper's Home Page
Dovetail Style Spear Point Of Midnight Lace Obsidian -- 2005 A.D.
Paiute Agate Scottsbluff
Style Lance Or Spear Point
Paleo-Indian "Scottsbluff"
Buffalo Hunting Lance Point.  
Made From Colorful Paiute
Agate -- 2007 A.D.
Paleo-Indian Scottsbluff Style Lance Point of Paiute Agate -- 2007 A.D.
Paleo-Indian Clovis Style Spear Point of Obsidian -- 2004 A.D.
Desert Side Notch Style Dart Point of Brilliant Water Crystal -- 2006 A.D.
Desert Side Notch Style Dart
Magnificently Pressure Flaked
Archaic "Desert Side Notch"
Style Dart Point, Of "Brilliant
Water Crystal" -- 2006 A.D.
Obsidian Clovis Style Blade
Eastern Style Clovis Point ...
Fluted After Point Completed.  
Oregon Obsidian -- 2004 A.D.
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F. Scott Crawford
Carrollton, Texas  75010
Selected Clovis Style Blades
A selection of several additional Clovis
style spear and lance points is featured
Points Sales -- 6.
The Largest Collection Of Modern Lithic Art For Sale and Show!
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